Object of Desire: Pillow Bags

No, it’s not a sleeping bag gathered under the arm. Pillow bags, the new favorite of street style, took their place on the stage as a signature piece and were added to the must-have category.

Behind this big bag trend Maison Margiela brand is included.

Quilted bags, which were in our lives in previous seasons, were quite suitable for shoulder carrying. But things have changed. Margiela Glam Slam Bagbefore us with a model with an exaggerated silhouette. The bag; Available in almost all shades from cotton candy pink to white.

While it’s a bit weird like most of the fashion trends that have popped up lately, it’s sure to be a star piece. It is possible not to get caught in its fascinating effect. Don’t forget to also check out the best use suggestions for street style.


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