Is it true that heart damage occurs after Covid-19?

There is a different danger waiting for people who have been caught and treated with Covid-19 disease and recovered. According to researches Is it true that heart damage occurs after Covid-19? Does Covid-19 trigger cardiac damage and heart failure? Read on for the answer to the question.

Is it true that heart damage occurs after Covid-19?

How can we protect from Covid-19? What are the symptoms of Covid-19? What are the symptoms of Covid-19? The answers to their questions change day by day and everyone is becoming more conscious. But there is little information about what the survivors can expect next.

Covid-19’s “myocarditis” Concerns that it might cause heart inflammation, called Because doctors are linked to myocarditis with Covid-19 in people who were previously healthy. heart failure they observed.

St. Cardiologist Sam Mohiddin of Bartholomew’s Hospital, 42-year-old Abul Kashem with typical Covid-19 symptoms, including loss of smell and mild shortness of breath. He treated his patient named. Kashem, from treatment after a month due to severe myocarditis became critically ill.

Intensive care unit Kashem with more than two weeks in today, “I am grateful to survive” says. There was no such heart disease before.

There was no heart disease like this before. myocarditis why had happened How the virus in question could damage the heart muscle is a question researchers are currently focusing on.

Within the scope of many studies, Finding out how common heart inflammation is after Covid-19, how long it lasts, and whether it responds to certain treatments Patients are followed up during and after the acute illness.

More than half of the virus-induced cases recover without inflammation. However, in some cases, it can lead to arrhythmia and impaired heart function or rarely need a heart transplant. Currently, even the low number of people suffering from severe myocarditis corresponds to large numbers, as millions of people are infected with coronavirus. This is enough to see how important the issue is.

Does Covid-19 trigger cardiac damage and heart failure?

The new type of coronavirus that causes Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2 Is cardiac damage, including myocarditis, more common than other viruses, that’s a mystery for now. But SARS COV-2, survivors, as it can trigger an intense immune response in the body high heart inflammation may be at risk.

Another opinion, Covid-19 suggests that their patients may be prone to it. Because the virus, settled in heart muscle cells ACE2 rBy connecting with its receptor entering the cells. However, researchers are careful not to go beyond the data.

Cardiologist Valentina Püntmann of Frankfurt University Hospital and his team “Covid-19 positive “ scanned the hearts of 100 patients with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), on average 71 days after testing patients. The scans detected heart abnormalities in 78 people, and 60 seemed to have active inflammation.

Most of them showed symptoms such as weakness and mild shortness of breath. These data led Püntmann to wonder whether heart inflammation was responsible. Püntmann and his colleagues in July At JAMA Cardiology Although his published study is alarming, many researchers say these scans need to be expanded.

Cardiologists now after Covid-19 shortness of breath It urges anyone with symptoms such as chest or chest discomfort to see a doctor. “Interested in athletes
team doctors should be on the alert

Due to the physical strain of sport, team physicians should be on the alert for myocarditis. Last week An article published at JAMA Cardiology, After Covid-19 It included a study with 26 athletes; myocarditis at four had developed. For this reason, professional sports leagues, new type of coronavirus SARS COV-2 It also scans the hearts of athletes infected with.

Those with myocarditis are given rest, regardless of whether they have symptoms, partly for fear that myocarditis may lead to sudden death during intense activity.. Experts are investigating whether immune cell patterns in the blood subsequently cause myocarditis.

A hypothesis, even though Covid-19 rarely causes severe myocarditis, even mild cases years later heart disease that it may increase the risk. As myocarditis heals, scar tissue can form, and previous studies have shown that residual heart inflammation worsens heart health.

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