How is Sperm Quality Affected by a Man’s Diet?

Fertility is directly related to diet and lifestyle. Toxins and alcohol consumption and malnutrition can have effects on a man’s sperm quality and therefore affect reproductive success.

In order to get rid of this situation, men should emphasize the consumption of fish and vegetables and healthy eating rules must comply. At the same time, they need to reduce their excessive consumption of processed food and increase their physical activity.


This substance has a negative effect on the body. In addition to causing a temporary cognitive impairment, it also increases the risk of developing complex diseases in the medium and long term.

Therefore, drinking alcohol regularly worsens your health. In addition, Online Reproductive Biotype According to a study published in the magazine Regular consumption of alcohol reduces sperm count.

You should also take into account that there is a certain minimum number of sperm that must reach the female reproductive system in order for fertilization to occur. If your sperm is low fertilization The amount of cells available for it will also be lower. Because of this, the chances of reproductive success are reduced.

Floating sperm cells.Don't make the mistake of letting a diet kill sperm - UChicago Medicine

Alcohol reduces the possibility of fertilization as well as the sperm count.

A deficiency in the participation of micronutrients in the body leads to the emergence of pathologies in the medium or short term. A typical example is anemia caused by iron deficiency and sperm also spoils when these nutrients are not taken enough.

Specifically sperm volume, sperm quality and content spermatozoa Its mobility is directly related to the intake of zinc in the diet. Low levels of this micronutrient affect sperm quality and production and can trigger an infertility problem. At least, In the International Journal of Reproductive Biotics According to published research this is the case.

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Simple sugars and added sugar are common in modern diets.. This substance may increase the development of metabolic diseases. Similarly, it supports obesity, especially when consumed by people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

In addition, consuming simple sugars is associated with a decrease in sperm quality and sperm count. This condition affects reproductive success and may cause temporary infertility.

Fortunately, reducing the consumption of simple sugars Improving dietary habits can restore normal sperm count. However, malnutrition doesn’t just reduce the percentage of success when it comes to breeding. Even more recent research poor health of the child by parent malnutrition also associates with each other.

Simple sugars, when consumed in excess, can cause decreased sperm quality along with the chance of fertility.

Lifestyle habits affect both sperm quality and sperm volume. Therefore, diet and regular physical activity can greatly affect the probability of fertilization.

Because some food types and toxic substances can make the fertilization process difficult by reducing the sperm count and motility. This is the case when it comes to alcohol and simple sugars.

Similarly, micronutrient deficiencies is also associated with a decrease in sperm quality and reduced motility in semen. The most representative material of all of these is zinc. In fact, some infertility processes are associated with low levels of this substance, so taking supplements can be an effective solution.

Finally, Remember that a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables and fish is the basis of this process, especially when trying to have children. This is the best way to increase your chances of success. At the same time, you will improve the health of your grandchildren in a positive way. Because the diet of the parents has an effect on the child’s disease risks.

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