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Stray Kids member Things to know about Hyunjin What are you ready to learn? Everything you want to know about Hyunjin is here! We have compiled many details for you such as Hyunjin’s Chinese zodiac sign, Hyunjin’s ideal female type, role models, slogan, physical features, favorite things. You can also participate in the vote we prepared for Hyunjin, which you will see at the end of the post. Lets, STRAY KIDS handsome Hyunjin Get to know better too!

Stage name:Hyunjin
Real name:Hwang Hyun Jin
Position:Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual
Birthday:20 March 2000
Sign:The fish
Chinese Zodiac:Dragon
Length:179 cm.
Weight:65 kg.
Blood group:B
Place of birth:South Korea

Who is Stray Kids member Hyunjin?

Who is Stray Kids member Hyunjin?

# He was born in Seoul, South Korea.

# Hyunjin has no other siblings, he is the only child in his family.

# She lived in Las Vegas for a while as a child (she went to kindergarten in Las Vegas for a short time when she was 6-7 years old).

# He used the name Sam while living in Las Vegas.

# His nicknames are “Jinnie” and “The Prince”.

# He attended SOPA (School of Performing Arts) in Seoul where he studied practical dance. (Graduated in February 2019)

# He studied for 2 years.

My ideal type is someone who listens well to my worries and can empathize with them as if they were their own.


# He can speak basic English.

# She thinks her charming spot is her lips.

# Shoe length 270 mm.

# He has a dog named “Kkami” which he adopted at the age of 16.

# Dancing, reading, and playing sports are among his hobbies.

# Hyunjin’s favorite colors are black and white.

# His favorite season is autumn.

Things to know about Hyunjin

Things to know about Hyunjin

# His favorite food is sushi.

# He cannot eat onions, carrots and eggplants.

# His favorite fruit is watermelon.

# He says he loves all fruits except the Paradise apple.

# He wants to travel a lot.

# As a kid, he was very curious about almost everything, so he participated in many competitions.

I always wanted to be a singer because being on the stage made me very happy and music was very attractive to me.


# He loves to listen to Dean and Crush sunbaenims songs.

# Before going to sleep, he reads fans’ comments on Fancafe because he says it made him very happy. Then he looks at the next day’s schedule and falls asleep.

# He helps I.N in any subject at least 10 times a day. He’s most interested in him in the group.

# He would be an interior designer if he hadn’t pursued a career at Stray Kids.

# He speaks in his sleep.

# In addition, his sleep is very heavy, he has the hardest time waking up.

# He says he looks like his mother, but adds that the nose is also like his dad.

Information about Hyunjin

Information about Hyunjin

# She says that her favorite hitting part in a song is the rap episode Han wrote for her in “Grow Up”.

# She uses a mask at night and drinks plenty of water.

# He eats a lot in the morning and stops eating after 4 pm.

# Hyunjin’s friends and relatives call him “Prince” because of his handsome looks and talent.

# Hyunjin is classmates from D-Crunch’s Chanyoung and Verivery’s Yongseung with SOPA.

# Hyunjin prefers mulnaengmyeon (cold noodles) over bibim naengmyeon (spicy cold noodles).

# The person Hyunjin talks to the most on the phone is IN.

Hyunjin is the one who cries the most in the group! I even saw him cry once reading a comic book.


# Her favorite accessories to wear are rings and necklaces.

# She wears her cross necklace most of all.

# Hyunjin chose dogs instead of cats because he owns Kami.

# The most expensive thing Hyunjin bought recently was her ring. (Actually his mother bought it for him)

# Hyunjin has a brand of bracelets created to support abandoned cats and dogs.

# Most of all he wants to go to a water park and eat delicious food on vacation.

# He doesn’t like to walk a difficult road during vacation.

Details about Hyunjin

Detail about Hyunjin

# Hyunjin is allergic to cat hair.

# If he had to describe himself in a few words, these would be “Passion”, “Final”, “Tour” and “Boss”.

# Born the same day as Minsu from TOO.

# He is close friends with The Boyz’s Younghoon and Golden Child’s Bomin.

# He wants to go to France.

# They used to be roommates with IN.

# In the new dorm, Hyunjin, Bang Chan, Lee Know and Seungmin share the same room.

# Hyunjin has the loudest alarm that can be heard by the entire dorm.

# Since they moved to a new dormitory and there is a room other than I.N., when IN hears her alarm, she comes to Hyunjin’s room to wake her up.

# Hyunjin had a minor role with IN on episode 16 of the web drama “A-Teen Season 2”.

# He is the host of “Show Music Core”.

# Hyunjin’s motto: “Let’s not stop trying, even if you regret it later.”

# Role model GOT7’s Jinyoung.

What do you think of Hyunjin?

What do you think of Hyunjin?


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