Things to Know About Changbin (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids member Things to know about Changbin What are you ready to learn? Every detail you want to know about Changbin is here! We have compiled many details for you, such as Changbin’s Chinese zodiac sign, Changbin’s ideal female type, nicknames, physical features, role model. You can also participate in the voting we prepared for Changbin, which you will see at the end of the post. Lets, STRAY KIDS handsome Changbin Get to know better too!

Stage name:Changbin
Real name:Seo Chang Bin
Position:Main Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday:11 August 1999
Chinese Zodiac:Rabbit
Length:167 cm.
Blood group:0
Place of birth:South Korea

Who is Stray Kids member Changbin?

Who is Stray Kids member Changbin?

# He was born in Yongin, South Korea.

# He has an older sister.

# Their friends and loved ones call Changbin with the following nicknames: Mogi (Mosquito), Jingjingie (Moan), Teokjaengie (Chin) and Binnie.

# He graduated from Bora High School.

My ideal type is a girl I can laugh with when I’m together.


# He was an intern for two years.

# He was a member of the 3RACHA group along with Chan and Jisung. His stage name here was SPEARB.

# He attributes his impressive personality to his cheerfulness and active structure.

# He thinks that his most important skills are writing lyrics and rap.

Things to know about Changbin

Things to know about Changbin

# When Changbin was accepted into the JYPE Music Company, his family reacted exactly like this: “Our son was super talented! We should have introduced him to music long ago! ” According to the famous idol, if he won a university, his family would not be so happy.

# He can run really fast.

# Her favorite hobbies are listening to music and going shopping.

# He gives great support to the production phase of the songs in the group.

# His favorite season is autumn.

# He loves to collect.

# He loves dark stories and hence horror movies.

# Kenrick Lamar loves to listen.

Information about Changbin

Information about Changbin

# The first thing Changbin does as soon as he wakes up is always washing his face or taking a shower.

# The food the famous idol could never say no to is french fries. By the way, he loves chicken breast very much.

# His favorite drink is iced Americano.

# He says he’s good at all ball sports.

Changbin sometimes makes jokes that are not at all funny, and at that time there is a strange silence in the environment.


# One of the Pokemon characters, Munchlax, cannot sleep without the plush toy. He says the name of this toy is also GYU.

# He enjoys going on vacation with his group friends and especially taking a plane trip.

# What he hates doing on vacation is being alone in his hotel room.

# He would be a producer, a writer or a tattoos artist if he wasn’t a member of the Stray Kids group.

Details about Changbin

Detail about Changbin

# Her biggest dream was to become an artist one day because when she was in high school and danced at a festival, the reaction of the audience was incredible.

# ATEEZ’s Wooyoung and IZ * ONE’s Chaeyeon are Changbin’s close friends.

# Changbin has great admiration for IKON’s Jinhwan / Jay.

# The famous idol’s family wanted him to study abroad, but Changbin never wanted to leave his family.

# His main task in the dormitory is to clean the common area.

# He likes sleeping in Hyunjin’s bed more than his own bed.

# Motto: “Let’s live with a positive mind and enjoy life.”

# Role models: BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Kenrick Lamar, his mom and dad.

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