What is food addiction? Attention, you can also be an addict

Eating when bored, emotional eating, binge eating, sugar addiction… Why do these happen? Should we call all this “lack of will”? No way.

Food addiction is as important and a severe addiction as substance addiction. The addictive potential of a substance is directly proportional to the rate at which it enters the blood. Therefore, as sugar mixes into the blood quickly, it becomes addictive with the same drug severity. It stimulates the same part of our brain with substance addiction; It is triggered by the excessive release of dopamine by neurotransmitters. Dopamine besides its production, it has been proven to give the same effect as drugs containing “opium”; These drugs include morphine.

Caroline Davis includes research that emphasizes that sugar addiction should not be underestimated in her article “From Passive Overeating to Food Addiction: A Spectrum of Compulsion and Severity”. Fructose syrup (HFCS), which is a simple carbohydrate, is included in most foods today and unfortunately because of the effect of sugar on the human brain, the rate of “food addiction” has increased from 4% to 12% in the last few years.

What is food addiction? Can you also be an addict?

When lab mice were given sugar and cocaine – including mice with a history of substance use – it was found that they preferred sugar intake!

There are 2 types of food addiction; emotional and physical addiction.

Could you also have food addiction?
You are looking for specific nutrients even though you are satiated.
If you resort to eating every time you get bored.
Excessive “satisfaction”, if you enjoy the feeling of coming to the point that your stomach will explode.
If you are looking for an excuse for the foods you eat every time you eat.
If you consume “unhealthy” foods secretly and keep them from everyone.
If you think your eating pattern is out of control.
While you are having your meal dreaming of what to eat for your next meal.
The content of nutrients has also affected you.


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