Stay Away From These Sneaky Foods! 6 Foods That Increase Your Appetite As You Eat

If you think that you are feeding in a controlled way, but you cannot lose weight, there is something wrong, dear reader. If you think the food you eat is extremely innocent, you have a list that you should review once again. Foods with a high glycemic index will quickly raise your blood sugar and cause a sudden drop, no matter how innocent they are. This will make you want to eat again.

You will need to read the glycemic index of some foods if you think you are eating regularly and “correctly” but still cannot lose weight. Here are 6 foods that destroy appetite control and drive you to hunger.

Protein bars

If there is sugar and simple carbohydrates in the protein bar, which is preferred as healthy, unfortunately, it will cause you to eat much more instead of feeling full. Be sure to read the details on the package before purchasing.

White rice and pasta

White rice and pasta are foods with a high glycemic index. It makes you feel full the moment it is consumed, but it will make you feel hungry again as it will lower blood sugar quickly. If you really want to eat, choose brown rice and pastas with bran.


Even if you eat 10 cookies during the day, you will soon be hungry. The reason for this is the high amount of sugar contained in cookies. At the same time, the fact that it contains refined carbohydrates causes hunger crises.

Acidic drinks
Regular and frequent consumption of acidic beverages will return you weight. Acidic drinks containing artificial sweeteners will increase your appetite and make you eat more.

If you are trying to lose weight by consuming cereal, you are making a huge mistake. Various refined carbohydrates are found in breakfast cereals. Breakfast cereals, which lack protein, cause blood sugar to rise rapidly. It disrupts the appetite control and you get hungry again about half an hour after breakfast with this food.


When you drink fruit juice, you lack the fiber found in fruits. Moreover, since there is added sugar in ready-made fruit juices, your chances of getting hungry are much stronger.


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