Geniuses’ Secret Secret: Brain-Enhancing Smoothies

Whether you fill your bag with puzzles, do not drop mind-enhancing mobile games such as “2048”, or solve sudoku until you get a headache; All of these may be in vain if you don’t feed your brain enough. According to Daniel Amen, the famous psychiatrist, whose books are on the bestseller lists in many countries, unless we feed our brain properly, it does not pay off, but has a downside. Daniel Amen gave some suggestions on how to nourish our brains in his book titled “Change Your Brain, Let Your Life Change”.

If so, then let’s adapt the foods suggested in the book to smoothies and give our brains what they want. Here are the smoothies that provide the nutrients your brain needs, which you can enjoy at any meal:

Banana-Coconut Smoothie


Coconut is one of nature’s richest foods containing medium chain-length triglycerides. Medium chain triglycerides become one of the types of fat circulating in our veins and are very beneficial for our brain. It also improves memory.

Preparation of

Put the low-fat milk, frozen banana slices, 2 tablespoons coconut pieces, a spoonful of protein powder into the blender and run the blender until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Nutritional Values

365 calories, 30 gr. protein, 9,8 gr. oil, 5 gr. fiber, 137 mg. sodium, 46 gr. carbohydrate, 7 gr. saturated fat.

Dopamine Rich Smoothie

Dopamine; It is a neurotransmitter (chemicals that enable communication between neurons) that makes you happy, regulates emotions and motivates. Dopamine can be obtained in abundance, especially from the protein in soy milk. A bit of caffeine provides the vitality needed for a busy workout, and this smoothie has it all.

Preparation of

Mix half a bowl of sliced ​​and frozen banana, a tablespoon of Chia seeds, a teaspoon of cinnamon, ¾ bowl of soy milk, a teaspoon of protein powder and half a cup of espresso into the blender.

Nutritional Values

383 calories, 24 gr. protein, 31 gr. carbohydrate, 3 gr. fiber, 18,6 gr. oil, 2.8 gr. saturated fat 143 mg. sodium.

Brain Doping Beet Smoothie

Beet; It is rich in fiber, folic acid and beta carotene, and these nutrients support the development of the brain by increasing blood flow. Because the brain constantly needs nourishment, this is provided by the blood circulation.

Preparation of

Put the blueberry, carrot juice, green lemon, apple puree, grated beet, raw almonds and ice, all in half a cup, into the blender with a pinch of ginger and mix well.

Nutritional Values

325 calories, 10 gr. protein, 35 gr. carbohydrate, 8 gr. fiber, 18,9 gr. oil, 1.5 gr. saturated fat, 65 mg. sodium.


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